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Health Benefits of Olives & Olive Oil

Olives are the gift from heaven to mankind. The common benefits of Olives were well known by the ancients; however, a few years ago the modern science began to realize some of its other benefits.


Let’s Restore the Dignity of “In-sha-Allah”

The popular phrase “in sha Allah”, God willing, became headline news a few months ago when a young man was removed from a plane for saying it loudly while talking to his uncle over the phone, and it was perceived as ‘potentially threatening’. What followed was huge interest in the phrase “in-sha-Allah”, that led to


Four Things to Do on the Blessed 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah

Allah the Most High & Exalted says: “By the Dawn; By the ten nights” [Surah Al-Fajr:1-2]
This oath substantiates the greatness and sacredness of these ten nights in the eyes of Allah.


Hajj Shopping & Packing List Guide

As any travel, it is best to plan your journey. Even better to carry all essential items with you. I’ve listed below a shopping list that I had prepared. It is neither an exhaustive list nor is it a core list.


Tawakkul - Trust and Reliance in Allah (SWT)

Most of us know what is Tawakkul…Its trusting Allahs plan ….but the concept of Tawakkul is actually …..We plan the best from our side and then put our Trust in Allah swt….


Let’s Make the Most of Ramadan

Brothers and sisters, the most special month for a muslim is Ramadan and it is approaching us. It is a month full of rewards, forgiveness and mercy from Allah.


Significance of Fasting and Suhoor


Allah says in the Quran: "O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain God-consciousness." - [2:183]


I’tekaf or Seclusion

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet used to perform Itikaf every year in the month of Ramadan for ten days, and when it was the year of his death, he stayed in Itikaf for twenty days. - Sahih Bukhari, V3-B33:260


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Alhamdullilah quick and great service! I must credit the helpfulness of the Deen square team especially as one of the book I requested was unavailable but they still did a very prompt and wonderful job in finding me another. Placing an order and delivery were a breeze! I was surprised by how quick the order was acknowledged and dispatched! Also the range of Islamic products ( especially the kids section) is vast! Jazakallah khairan!

Shamsu Hamid

The BEST online site on the globe!!! I sent a message via WhatsApp about a product. the message was answered in short order. The representative was very cordial, efficient, and genuine. Most importantly, the company delivered as the agent said they would!!!


Rare products and good service. Jazak Allahu Khairan for your efforts.

Safeer Ahmed

You wouldn't believe what you get for the money you pay. I was expecting something of 'okay' quality. But from packaging to the material of the belt itself, it is excellent. The feel of the material is amazing. I would recommend this to all of you. And yeah, try the chat option they are pretty responsive.


Brilliant and very useful products..lets make a right use..Price reasonable ,quality excellent, response very quick and appreciable..I recommend all to make right use of it:)

Ishtiaq Hussain

Amazing services rendered for my 1st deeni purchase online. Jazak Allah Khair for making it easier for us all to do online purchases with a very quick response time and exceptional good service. May Allah make it easier for us all...Ameen!


Alhamdullilah, Received the book, Who is Allah.... Amazing book and simple in words which can be easily explained to the little ones...colourful and framed into perfectness for the child to understand. Would certainly order from deensquare and Alhamdullilah delivery too was on time. Jhazakhallahu khairan kaseera

T. Samreen

My relative was very happy about finding the Quran in Chinese. Thank you for a great service and a very fast delivery.

D. Al-Amudi

Received my package today and Allhumdulillah very pleased. Opened the goodword fun pack, it's so cute that I cant wait to start with my daughter and what a nice time too. Ramadan gift for her fun filled learning. I'm so tempted to open the other kids packs but they are gifts so I have to wait till after Eid to have a look through them. Thank you for the hadiyah too.

S. Fawad

It's a beautiful website....I took n so glad to have it..It's beautiful hijab that not only covers ur head but also ur body....I recommend to plz go through this site n have a look..There are books which are useful for our kidz to get knowledge of deen n duniya