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Gateway to Arabic: Book 5

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Book Five focuses on air travel, meals and medical matters. It builds upon the student's knowledge of first form verbs by introducing various defective forms (verbs containing one or more weak root letters). The book also extends the student's understanding of cardinal numbers into the thousands and suggests practical applications for their use.

(Page 19) In the fifth book of the series, the key grammar area covered are the first form defective verbs – that is to say those verbs with a weak first, middle or final root letter, or more than one weak root letter – in the past and present tenses as well as the forms of the imperative. (Page 64) Cardinal numbers from 1 to 1000 and beyond are also taught, with practical exercises such as writing out prices in full, using numbers with the four basic mathematical operations, and talking about temperature, what year it is, and one’s age.
(Page 40) Subject areas covered include medical problems, visiting the hospital and arranging doctor’s appointments; dining out in a restaurant; receiving, feeding and entertaining guests at home, and meeting someone at the airport. A variety of passages of text, dialogues, telephone conversations and emails are used to introduce new subject material and, as always, extensive exercises and comprehension activities are included to reinforce the new areas of grammar and vocabulary.

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