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The Ramadan Legacy Planner Sisters Pack : 5 Radiant Rose Gold Limited Edition

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A powerful and inspiring, smart Ramadan planner designed to take you on a step-by-step meaningful journey to help you achieve your biggest goals, create your 30-day action plan, and have a life-changing Ramadan. Handcrafted Exclusive Quality. Hand drawn embossing by Islamic artist, very high quality full colour print and soft leather cover for a compact stylish feel.
Product Spec:
A5 5.8" x 8.3" in compact size
Soft-leather flexi bound with curved edges
144 page full-colour high quality printing
Japanese speciart smooth quality paper 110gsm
350g weight per planner
Shrink-wrapping with belly band wrap
Ribbon and elastic band
Undated to use in any year

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Whats Inside?

Knowledge for Ramadan
Ramadan welcome and introduction
guide according to Qur'an and sunnah
QR code directs to introduction video
Inspiring Ramadan journey guide
detailing all aspects of Ramadan
Authentic du'as and tips and tricks

Preparation for Ramadan
5-stage powerful Ramadan prep exercises
Evaluation, discover your passions, create
master du'a list, set Ramadan goals
Create your Qur'an plan and good deeds tree
QR code direct to video explanation

Ramadan 30-Day Action Plan
Daily Ramadan schedule
Daily checklist of ibadah
Qur'an reading tracker and goals tracker
Daily inspirational quote
Daily gratitude and mindfulness box
Personal space to journal
Reflection check-ins every 10 days

Post-Ramadan Leap
End of Ramadan reflection exercise
Eid and nufl fasts tracker
Post-Ramadan guide to continue ibadah
all-year round
Space for extra journalling and notes
QR code direct to video on how to
maintain spirituality all year round


Shajuti H, USA - "I loved how the planner encouraged me to reflect daily on where I was with my initial goals for Ramadan. "

Maruf Deen, London, UK - "I genuinely found the planner to be really beneficial and highly effectively. The planner was easy to use, fun and quite interactive. It enabled me to become so much more productive and allowed me to find ways to get closer to Allah. I would definitely recommend this to others!"

Saba Mustafa, Australia - "I enjoyed using the planner. I would open it up every morning before work and think about my day. It made me want to do good things for other people and consciously try to better my self. I liked the knowledge cards and would like ones that are the same or similar next year they were so great to read."
+ many many more from across the world!

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Weight 2.0000
Language English
Cover Type Soft Cover
Product Dimension A5
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