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The Legislated Divorce

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The foundational principles of Islaam are based upon justice and rectification, and upon this basis, Islaam has permitted divorce in cases of helplessness. The meaning of this is, if there remains no chance of accommodation between a husband and his wife, they may release each other through divorce. This book discusses Fiqh issues regarding divorce. Includes glossary of Islaamic terms.
About the Author: Shaykh Badee'ud Deen Shaah as-Sindhee is one of the most prominent Scholars of Ahuls-Sunnah to come out of Pakistan. In addition to being praised by the likes of Shaykhul Islaam Abdul Azeez Ibn Baaz (d. 1420H) and Imaam Muhammad Naasirud Deen Al ALbaanee (d. 1420H) , he has taught in the Sacred Mosque in Makkahand in Daarul Hadeethil Khayriyyah of the same city. The Shaykh has traveled to various countries for dawah, such as Kuwait, the United Kingdom and the United States.
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ISBN 978-2987459873
Language English
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Author/Artist Shaykh Badee Ud-Deen as-Sindhee
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