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Khadi Organique Pure Handmade Neem Soap

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Revive your mind, disinfect your skin and enhance your complexion with Neem - the most vastly used Ayurvedic skin care product since ages. Sustain the elegant sheen of the skin and magnify its natural charm! A delicate handmade product from Khadi Organique, this amazing soap, grants healing properties of several pure and genuine essential oils. Elevate your spirit and enjoy the freshness all day long! 
Neem leaves act as a skin-toner and moisturizer, making the skin supple and soft. The aspirin-like compound present in neem oil frees the skin from bacteria; its high fatty-acid content helps to prevent scars from acne. Rose water is an effective skin cleanser. It helps in removing dirt and oil that clogs the pores.
Neem has anti bacterial properties to treats acne and sun burn. Comfrey clears scars and works well to treat dryness of skin. Vitamin E blocks free radicals, smoothes out wrinkles giving a younger clear skin.
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Publisher / Brand Khadi Organique
Size 125g
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